FLOWERS – Where possible at time of booking Turkey Weddings will advise upon the availability of any requested flowers and will endeavour to match colours / types to the clients satisfaction. Availability is dependent upon the growing season and suppliers therefore desired colours etc may not always be obtainable. In this event Turkey Weddings will provide the best match to your selection.

HAIR / MAKE UP – Where included in a package this will take place early on the morning of the wedding. Styles can be replicated and it is recommended brides bring a picture of whatever style they have in mind. Any decorative pins, grips, headdresses etc must be supplied by you. Where a trial run is included (time permitting) this will take place several days before the actual wedding date.
HOLIDAYS – Any holidays, flights, hotels, transfers etc booked through Holiday Mate form no part of your contract with Turkey Weddings, neither will any aspect of wedding services provided by Turkey Weddings form any basis of your contract with Holiday Mate - the two companies are entirely separate and services / payments are not interchangeable.

LEGALITIES – You are entirely responsible for providing the correct documentation required to get married in Turkey. We cannot accept liability for cancelled weddings due to incorrect, misspelt or absent paperwork. Please ensure you have all the items of paperwork required before you travel and that you remember to bring them with you. Please note all documents must be originals not copies.

PACKAGES – The packages detailed on this website are not fixed and can be adjusted depending on requirements, venue and party size. Additions or deductions can be made to these packages or entirely tailor made packages can be created. The final agreed package will be those services listed on the Booking Acknowledgment form. Prices vary between venues, locations and regions.

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