Getting married in Turkey is far simpler than you may think with just a small amount of documentation necessary from UK and Turkish authorities. There is no time limit on how long you need to be in Turkey before or after the ceremony, although total stay of at least 1 week is desirable in order to have sufficient time to complete all the relevant administration & ensure the final preparations for the wedding day itself are stress free and unrushed

For UK nationals the following paperwork is required :

1. Both bride and groom will require a Certificate of No Impediment. These can usually be obtained from your local registry office and take 3 weeks or so to complete. Your certificate of no impediment will be issued showing you are both free and legally clear to marry. It is best to arrange this at least 2 months before you travel to Turkey. Please note Scottish CNI have a time limit of 3 months.*

2. Full 10 year UK passport with at least 6 months remaining *

3. Full long format birth certificate (showing mother and father's names) *

4. If divorced – Decree Absolute *

5. If widowed – Death certificate of previous spouse & previous marriage certificate*

6. Adoption certificate if applicable *

7. Name change deed poll certificate if applicable *

8. If under 18 you will require parental permission to marry *

9. At least 6 passport photos taken no more than 1 month before travel to Turkey

It is helpful if copies of the above * are emailed or faxed to us 3 weeks or so prior to your travel to Turkey as this allows us to get the administration started before you arrive.